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It's time to switch to solar

By installing solar panels, you save money, and most importantly - you are saving our planet.

Why install Solar Panels?
Here we leave you some reasons

Care for the Environment

With solar panels you reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources by reducing environmental pollution and encourage the development of technologies that are friendly to our planet.

Reduce Costs

Solar panels can help you lower your electric power bill, and in some cases even generate income if you sell excess power back to the power grid, they also allow you to take advantage of hourly rates.


You are more independent by generating your own energy, which means you are less dependent on the electricity grid and rate increases.

Increase the value of your Home or Business

A solar system can increase the value of your property, which means that you could recover part of the investment if you decide to sell the property in the future.

Plan and Save

The investment in many cases pays for itself, because you simply transfer an expense to an investment, this means that with the savings in the electric bill you pay for the project.


How does it work?

Solar panels in a general sense work through a process called the photovoltaic effect. This process converts energy from sunlight into electricity used to power homes and buildings.


Solar panels can generate electricity during the day, when sunlight is available, and can store the excess energy generated in batteries for use at night or on cloudy days, and this modality is known as hybrid or isolated systems. Solar panels can also be connected to the electrical grid, allowing owners to sell or inject excess generated energy into the grid and receive credits on their electricity bill as is done in EDENORTE, EDEESTE, or EDESUR.


In addition to off-grid, hybrid and grid-connected systems, solar panels can also be used to directly power equipment such as water pumps or air conditioners.

Incentive Management

In the Dominican Republic we have Law 57-07 that has several incentives for the use of solar panels, such as:

  1. Tax exemption: Solar panels and inverters do not have import or trade taxes.

  2. Customers can apply for a tax credit for 40% of the value of solar panels and inverters for photovoltaic systems. This means that you save money on taxes if you install panels.

  3. We have net metering where the energy injected into the EDENORTE, EDEESTE or EDESUR grid is recognized at the same price as the energy consumed from the grid.

project design

The projects are designed based on the needs of each client so that they can generate the energy they consume and recover the investment in the shortest possible time.

Installation & Permits

At ENESTAR we have multiple national and international certifications to guarantee our clients the development of professional projects that give the best results to clients. 

Likewise, we have a team of experts that is in charge of requesting all the permits for the projects and managing the incentives for all our clients.

Connection to EDES & Meter Management

Our team of commercial managers are in charge of the entire process from the closing of a project until the change of meter is made. 

These processes can last from 4-14 months depending on the type of project, circuit, distributor and customer rate.

Operation & Maintenance

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with our photovoltaic plant operation and maintenance service!


At ENESTAR we have an operation & maintenance plan that ensures the optimal functioning of our client's solar panels. This plan includes real-time monitoring, generation prediction and fault identification of photovoltaic plants. y preventive maintenance, which guarantees that your solar panels work continuously for many years, thus guaranteeing the return on investment and greater profitability of the projects.

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